Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How To Buy A Girl's Heart? These Kinds of Words Will Do

The words my husband used to use when buying my heart. He succeeded. :)

How To Buy A Girl's Heart? These Kinds of Words | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. Once upon a time, there lived a Girl far far away in the woods, waiting for her prince charming to take her away. One day, the Prince did come and said,'Will you marry me, Princess' and she answered,'Yes!' They lived happily ever after.

Cliche? Yup. Women are easily bought with words. It is a bitter truth for me as a girl and being a girl myself, I just cannot deny this fact. Sweet words, love words, comforting words are the kind of stuff that really weaken us. We can say, words that most of the time can be lies and the beginning of heart breaks, just break our walls. They are that strong and that strength is in your hands, Guys. 

As guys have known this fact for ages, use it wisely and words from you can make your girl keeps smiling like an idiot throughout the day. Just be kind and you will get her. How to be kind? As good as good words can be, bad words can cause the biggest problem too. Be wise. Be thoughtful. Sweet words, encouragements, compliments, smiles, laughs. They always work the best.

Just be kind with your words because harsh words, harsh sentences, high toned words, just blow this overthinking creature, Woman. True girls don't simply go for money especially nowadays when they definitely can afford their own living. Modern girls, strong ones, work hard to earn for their living. They just need, that one man, who when she looks at him, she knows smiling,

'This man is kind enough to take care of myself, my heart, my mind and my feelings, forever'.

Be kind to her. She will be far kinder to you. Believe me. I am Woman.
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