Monday, 12 June 2017

I Am Officially A Teacher!

Wowww!!! It has been so long since I last update my English blog. I still love you and all but it is just my life requires me to write more in Malay. Perhaps, after this, I will update more here and I really need to brush on my English. It is getting rusty already.

Most of the time before being posted to my current school, I write for my boss' blog. Yes, I have been working for him even before I become a teacher. Oh yes, I was posted to SK Seri Maamor, Semerah and currently am an English teacher. What a journey. I graduated last year, currently living with my beloved husband in Muar. No more LDR for us.

My husband's sacrifice is quite huge in my eyes. He moved with me from Tangkak to Muar even though he now has to commute Muar-Tangkak-Muar everyday for work. Our previous house only took 5 minutes from his school. Our current house takes 40 to 50 minutes to his school and mine! It means the budget for petrol has increased a lot. Thank you so much husband!

I am now waiting to get my first salary. Once I get it, I want to go to Perodua service center to do some maintenance of my care and settle the road tax. The remaining, I will save for akikah event. Yes, I am pregnant for my son now. Can barely wait for his to get out of my tummy and see his face for the first time. #excitedmommode Hehe.

I guess, enough for today. Plain and bland I know. Bai
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