Thursday, 30 January 2014

How To Win A Girl's Heart

How To Win A Girl's Heart | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. I pity my few friends that have this difficulty in winning his dream girl's heart, even though that girl is still single. Believe me guys, you do not have to have Beckham's face or a bank account full of money to win a girl's heart.

All you have to do is to choose someone who is a Real Girl. Those girls who put more importance of the appearance and money don't deserve your love, why bother? Choose a girl who you know will love you for who you are, who will laugh when you are happy and cry when you are gloomy.

You just need to know how to win her heart. Now I will tell you how to do just that and I can guarantee 99%, they will work. Or at least have the effects. Try them guys! :D

Show Her That You Really Want Her

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This is quite harder because girls find it hard to believe guys because of her past memories. That is why, a bouquet of flowers will not affect much. There are few suggestions to show her that you really want her. Firstly, meet her parents and ask for her hand in marriage. Secondly, marry her. How does it sound to you guys? Dare enough? :D

Make Her Think About You Most Of Her Time

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To make her think about you all the time is so easy guys! Just piss her off. Trouble her but in a cute way. Be careful not to hurt her feelings. For example, take her beloved pencil but return it. Never humiliate her and never downgrade yourself in her eyes. Greet her. Do anything but make her think of you. Girls fall for what they think. Try it!

Always Keep In Touch With Her

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Girls love it when she feels that someone cares about her, a lot. One of the ways to show that is to always keep in touch with her. This should not a be a big problem as we now have a lot of things to use to communicate. Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, Telegram, Viber and many more. There is no time for 'No Time' if you really want to win her heart. Make time in your no time guys.

Be Nice To Her and Her Family Members

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Everybody loves his or her family especially girls. Girls are born to be loving and caring. That is why girls are made to be a mother. Because she is so loving, she dares to sacrifice her life to give a birth to a child. Be nice to her and her family members and it will touch the deepest part of her heart. You can give a visit once a while or give presents to her sister. That would be lovely!

Amaze Her By Doing Amazing Things

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You don't have to jump from the highest level of a building, to swim across seven seas to do amazing things. It does not take that big to amaze her but you being a little bit different. What if you pray in the masjid 5 times a day? Or you can recite Al-Quran in front of a crowd. Winning a race? She will be so amazed if you dare enough to make her angry father your best friend!

How to win a girl??? It is easy pizzy guys. Believe me. Know the keys, know the secrets, then do use them. Once again, touch her heart, not her body. Then, she will totally be yours. :D

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

5 Things A Girl Never Tolerates

5 Things A Girl Never Tolerates | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh and good evening to all. When I am writing, it is actually on what I am feeling at that particular time and now I feel like telling the whole world who seems to not really know things that a girl never tolerates.

I really pity guys who think that they have tried all sorts of thing to win his girl, not realizing that he actually hurts her in many ways.

5 Things A girl Never Tolerates.

When She Is Cheated

things a girl never tolerates

Nobody will be happy when they are cheated, especially about the existence of the third person. It is worse when the cheater is her beloved partner. Girls are very sensitive especially with their beloved person. When cheated, a girl's heart will be broken but they will forgive and give that cheater a second chance. Never hope for the third chance because a third chance rarely appears.

When She Is Ignored

things a girl never tolerates

Naturally, a girl loves to be pampered and she will feel pampered when her beloved person takes really good care of her, especially on her feelings. An SMS at night will be okay. A message with sweet words is fine. They will really appreciate any kind of treatment from her special one. A girl will never tolerate being ignored. That is why she will do things to get the attention she wants.

When She Is Humiliated

things a girl never tolerates

Humiliation is totally a NO for a girl. I can say that a girl is a type of human with a very low confidence inborn. She gains confidence from positive happenings in her surroundings. Humiliation really hurts her as she really strives a lot to be as confident as she is, but a little humiliation will bring her to the start again. Humiliations ruin a girl. She will find it hard to cope with them.

When She Is Downgraded

things a girl never tolerates

Downgrading a girl is a very disgusting thing. Telling her that she is uglier than another girl is too much for a girl to handle. Highlighting on her lacking in appearance will cause tears on her cheeks. Saying that she is not capable of doing anything, breaks her heart to pieces. However, a girl is a person that will do whatever she could to prove those people downgrading her that they are wrong.

When She Is Forced

things a girl never tolerates

Forcing a girl will never benefit you. It is like pouring water into a leaked pale. It will be of no use. When a girl is forced to do something they do not want, they will not do it wholeheartedly and you do not want your job to be ruined by a girl. It is the same when she is forced to accept somebody in life. Only strong determination, helped by a miracle can make her accept him in her life.


For each thing, it does not take big thing to happen. Small things will affect a girl in no time. When you tell her you are asleep but she knows you are awaken, she will feel cheated. When you do not reply her SMS after work time, she will feel ignored. Avoid hurting her then it will be fine.

Guys, if you truly want a girl to accept you and to feel your love, do take care of her feelings. Touch her heart not her body. A girl does not want much. She just wants true love and attention from her beloved person. Show it to her and she is totally yours.
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Monday, 13 January 2014

5 Things A Girl Wants From Her Boy


I have been in few relationships and as I go along, I finally realize that we girls do not actually want what we say we want. We say we want a handsome boy but we fall in love to a not really handsome boy and it is normal. Yeah, I admit that girls can be very hard to understand. We are complicated and snobbish as you may say but please, bear with us.

Actually, if you really know us, you will finally know what we actually want in life. It is not money we want the most even we really are grateful to have a rich boyfriend. It is not luxury we want the most even though we are more than happy to accept anything given sincerely to us. I do not think it is wrong to accept presents given with love.

However, there are 5 things a girl wants from a boy. What a girl really wants from her boy.

LOVE is what a girl wants from her boy

Love, what a girl wants from her boy, relationship

Everything that matters for a girl is true love from his beloved boy. Once we get the love we want, we for sure will get everything. Money, luxury will come after that as a boy that loves a girl will do anything to make his girl happy just to see her smiling because of him.

LOYALTY is what a girl wants from her boy

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Loyalty and faithfulness is just a must! Even though a girl is showered with money and gold, she will not be happy knowing her beloved boy, out there playing around with some other girls. Can you see how suffering we are once betrayed? No one wants a betrayal to happen in his life.


honesty is the best policy, honesty, things a girl wants from her boy, what a girl wants

Honesty is always the best policy. Be honest to your girl and you will find your relationship is the most beautiful relationship exist in this world. Be honest no matter what happens, even though it may put an end to your relationship. It is better than leaving your girl being lied throughout her life.

SECURITY is what a girl wants from her boy

secure, security, things a girl wants from her boy, relationship, love
One thing about a girl, we always face a lot of situations when we feel we do not deserve and we are not worth taken care of. I do not know why but a girl's confidence level really depends on how her boy sees her. If her boy sees her as beautiful, that she will feel that way and vice versa.

HAPPINESS is what a girl wants from her boy

happiness, love, relationship, things a girl wants from her boy

Nobody wants to live in a misery and girls are included. Plus, a girl's happiness relies a lot on how her boy treats her. Believe me, even she has to sacrifice her own life, a girl will do it without hesitation when she is in love as she knows her happiness is with her boy to treasure.

Boys, please, understand us then you will definitely find that we are not that difficult to be understood. Spend time with your girl then you will find you are just complete having her by your side.
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Friday, 3 January 2014

How To Persuade Your Angry Partner

Being in a relationship is never an easy thing to do. There are dramas all the the time out of jealousy, inferiority, low confidence level of the relationship, late for dates, miss, crush, third person and the list goes on and on.

All the problems will subsequently cause anger, and will endanger your relationship. As a good girlfriend, a girl should know how to solve problems in a smart way, should know how to calm an angry boyfriend. A good partner is always who knows how to cool us down and to be the cause of our smiles.

So, how to persuade your angry partner?

how to persuade your angry partner

Persuade Yourself First

When you are having a problem in your relationship, it is logical for the both of you to be angry. Be quick to calm yourself down so that you will think more rationally to solve the problems. You cannot hold strong to your egoism, but never let your partner use your coolness for granted. :D

Do What Your Partner Most Likes You To Do

For married couple ONLY! Maybe your partner will like you to kiss on the forehead or hand. Actually, this small step will have a very big effect in the heart. I can guarantee the anger will decrease up to 80% by doing what your partner likes. They will for sure feel appreciated. Try it!

Give Your Partner A Present

how to persuade your angry partner

No one in this world dislikes a present given by a beloved person. Believe me. Give your partner a present that the anger will melt and go into the drain. It will be better if you give them something that has been your partner's dream to have for ages. They will smile very widely. Believe me!

Bring Your Partner To Your Memorable Place

Along the journey of your relationship, both of you should have places that keep sweet memories of the two of you. For example, the first place you both met, the place of proposal, the place for your honeymoon, or somewhere new that you know will create new great memories. How sweet!

Have A Memory Recalling Time

how to persuade your angry partner

One thing having problems, we actually in a state that we don't remember we had gone through before. The anger hides every important thing. So, remind ourselves on how hard it had been for us to keep the relationship so that we will appreciate what we have and treasure them.

Despite every hurdle and obstacle in your relationship, never give up so easily. It is hard to have a relationship but it is so easy to ruin it. Be careful in deciding everything in life. Make sure you dont regret whatever you do.

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

How Shopping Can Be Some Kind Of Therapy For Girls

Hye readers. Do I have readers? Ahaks! Long time no see you here. Actually, I am now developing my feminine side so that people will treat me in a more feminine way. Yeah, people usually treat me in a more masculine way which I dont really prefer.

So, I go shopping. People say that girls like to go shopping so much, which I do not really like, but I gave it a try. At first, it was tiring. Yes, very tiring for a beginner shopper. As time goes on, I feel that I can do this shopping thing and I now realize why girls love to buy a lot of stuff. 

It is because shopping can be some kind of therapy for us!

We Can Be What We Actually Are In Life

be yourself, shopping is a therapy, shopping for girls

Most of the time, girls are forced to be polite and graceful. It is not that we want to go against what society wants us to be but we really need some time for us to be what we actually are. So, shopping time is the time. We can choose what we love, we can give opinions on things, we can talk to our friends, and the most important thing is, we can be ourselves!

Makes Us Forget Our Tension and All The Pressure

tension, pressure in life, shopping for girls, shopping is a therapy

As time goes on, girls's responsibility is rising from day to day. We do not only cook in the kitchen, but we also work in the office. Our duty is divided into many including as a daughter, wife, and others. Everything causes pressure and shopping is the time we spend to forget our tension and release the pressure for a short period of time, in hope that we will all be refreshed after that.

Be Happy With What We See and Buy

if you want to be happy, be happy, shopping for girls, shopping is a therapy, shopping is good for health

Girls just love to see beautiful things and they are so much inclined to own them. So, they buy things. As they walk along the shops, they will be so free and relieved to have some time for themselves. Shopping time is the time girls spend to pleasure their eyes. Girls smile to beautiful colorful things and as a normal person, we love things that create smiles on our face. 

Walking Is Good For Health As It Moves Our Body

shopping is a therapy, shopping for girls, walking is good for health, walking during shopping

People always say they eat when they are stressed out, but it is never good to overeat as fat will start to accumulate in our body. We never want that! Beautiful women go shopping because they know stressing time is the time to chill while burning our fat. Walking is good for our health and it is a good exercise to form a beautiful body line. It seems like a small thing, but the effect is amazing!

Time To Spend Quality Time With Beloved People

quality time, shopping for girls, shopping is a therapy, shopping is a quality time

With life spent at home and work, living for other people, we can see how loving a girl is. Girls love with all their heart when they love and they would love to spend some quality time with their beloved people. In that case, girls like to use their shopping time to spend time with their beloved people. After shopping is the time that they eat together and have a chat.

See how shopping time is very useful and beneficial for girls? See why boys should tolerate girls' shopping time? See why girls should have the opportunity to express themselves by having shopping time? See why shopping time is important for girls? 

So guys. Don't ever downgrade your girls just because they love to go shopping. Don't spoil their leisure time with excuses to not spend time with them once a while. Remember, they want to have you by their side because they love you. Have shopping time with your girl and they will really appreciate you! :D