Friday, 27 December 2013

The Person I am Most Grateful In Life

The Person I Am Most Grateful In Life | Inspiration is the precious thing that the person I am most grateful in life gives me. The person inspires me a lot in many ways. The way she thinks, the way she dresses up, the way she treats people, everything about her inspires me to become a better person. A person near to what she is.

The person I am most grateful in life is my sister. Actually she is my younger sister. Her name is Sumayah, studying medicine in Egypt. Nice name right? I always combine our names together to become a phrase; Sumayah, the great Mujahidah. How does it sound? Better right? :)

This is Sumayah. Isn't she beautiful? Love her so much.

Why is she the person I am most grateful in life?

She is the person I am most grateful in life because she is my first best friend in my whole life since she is only one year younger than me. She is the person I spent most of my time with. Arguing, eating, playing. She was there when I was a nobody. She is like my eldest sister. She takes care of us all. She loves cats too. Hehe.

Lovely Siblings.

She Changed Me

We are Muslim but I was once a rebellious girl. I did not want to cover my hair as I did not think it is a necessary, but she helped me understand its importance. I wear scarf now because of her as she is the one who made me realize that we are precious Muslim girls. We need to take care and preserve our beauty only to those who deserve. Thank you so much sister.

She Loves A Good Appearance

Unlike me, she is very good in her appearance. I am more to i-dont-care type. She likes to be and feel beautiful. If there is a sale or discounts on stuff she likes, she will buy it even though the price is still quite expensive. I am more stingy than her BUT I like to see her beautiful in her own way.


I really want to give something special for her and an electronic gadget will be nice as she has been using her old hand phone for almost 3 years. Thank you to Digi for launching Digizens Thank You Sale. This is the time for a change. I really think so.

This Year End Sale is really my chance to give something for her. I really hope I will get a new smartphone for her. If not smartphone, a tablet will be nice for her to use in her study. I have a friend studying medicine using an iPAD in her study. It will be useful and nice to replace her old phone.

Thank you Digi for giving me this opportunity, this chance for me to show that I really love her. My first sister will always be my beloved one. Really hope for this to happen. :D

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The 5 Best Islands In Malaysia For Your Honeymoon

Hye. Every girl in this world dreams for her honeymoon since she was a small girl and I am not excluded. I am not that type of girl who wanders all over the world. I am just a normal girl living in her own dream world, imagining her soul to discover every part of the Earth. 

I do hope one day, I would be able to see everything I have seen in my dreams for real. One opportunity to achieve my dream is to have a nice honeymoon. I have been hoping to have a memorable honeymoon with my future husband even though I do not even have a boyfriend yet.

I would love to visit all the islands in my beloved country, Malaysia. By the way, island is 'pulau' in Malay language. :D

perhentian island, islands in malaysia, islands for honeymoon
1. Perhentian Island, Terengganu, Malaysia
Since I was small, I had been listening stories about Perhentian Island which is in Terengganu. Terengganu has the longest beach in Malaysia, located in the East Peninsular Malaysia. So don't worry, Terengganu will have the island you want to spend all of your time in Malaysia.

Langkawi island, islands in Malaysia, islands for honeymoon
2. Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia
Another cannot-be-missed place is Langkawi Island. It is surrounded by small islands which are very beautiful. We can have a trip with a bot to have a look around. We can have a lot of activities too. Most important thing is Langkawi Island is a duty free island! It is time for shopping! :D

Islands in Malaysia, islands for honeymoon, redang island
3. Redang Island, Terengganu, Malaysia
Another island in the Terengganu. Told you it has the longest beach in Peninsular Malaysia. Redang Island is a must visit place when visiting Malaysia. The clear water and clean environment is very good for the stressed out city people. I am sure you will be a new you after visiting this island. :D

Islands for honeymoon
4. Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia
Tioman Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. This fact proves that it is the best for those who look for calmness and peace. I can assure that you will never regret your choice. Imagine you and your beloved walking along the beach. Oh, I can see things under the water too! 

Islands for honeymoon
5. Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia
Sipadan Island is very beautiful. It is located in Sabah, Malaysia. We can see living corals which are for sure fantastic. Diving is very popular here. So divers, what is Sipadan Island become your next wonderful underwater experience? For sure it will be so romantic for newly weds to dive here.

Actually, there are many more interesting places to be visited in Malaysia. Other than wonderful islands, we have our tropical rain forest that contains magnificent flora and fauna. I still remember my trip to the peak of Tahan Mountain. I really hope this article helps you decide.

Till next entry. The end. :D

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Best Presents For Your Spouse

The Best Presents For Your Spouse | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. It is not that I want to quit writing but it seems like writers have to have a break. Chill ^^

Today, I feel like suggesting the best presents for your spouse. It would be okay for both man or woman. I know that all of us will face that one moment when we just do not know what to give to our beloved person so I really hope this article will help you decide.

The criteria of the presents should be
  • Special that it reminds both of you to the awesome relationship you both are having
  • Meaningful that your beloved person will take a very good care of the present
  • Long lasting as that present will be kept as a remembrance for a very long time
  • Strong enough and not fragile that it will not break or damage so easily
1. A picture of The Two of You In A Frame

As for me, I really love pictures because a pictures will always be different from another picture. A picture can tell us a lot. One thing about pictures, it will never change even when the people in them have changed. Pictures will remain and keep the memorable happenings in life. Make it big and frame it and decorate it beautifully. It will be perfect!

2. A Shared Diary Of Both Of You

One thing about presents, we want them to be appreciated and remembered for a long time. In that case, having a shared diary is the best way to preserve all the memories. In that diary, you can write whatever things that are related to both of you. Your dates, anniversaries, pictures, love quotes, promises, sweet stuff, candy wrappers. It will be a precious present!

3. Couple Tshirt Would Be Awesome!

Cute right? I really love couple t-shirt. It is very sweet watching couples holding hands, wearing similar tshirt. I love seeing them so much happy being with one another. It really shows that love is in the air. Real couples will never be afraid to show how much they are in love. In fact, they will be so much proud to tell the world that their beloved person is theirs.

4. Couple Ring Is Just Fantastic!
Rings have been a distinct proof of a serious relationship since ages. We have rings during our proposal, engagement day, wedding day and anniversary. See how rings play a very nice present for our beloved person. Nowadays, we have couple rings to show that we are in a relationship and we do not want ours to be snatched away. Nice idea.

5. Video On Your Love Story

I have always seen married couple making pre-wedding videos to be displayed during the wedding ceremony. Usually, they will have a bunch of pictures that will some sort rewind all the memories in the relationship. It will show the sweet moment, the bitter hardships, laughs, tears, sad incidents and all the moments that make all the relationship.

A present does not need to be expensive, but it should be valuable and priceless in its own way. The best present would be something that does not seem special but become special because a special person gives it to us.
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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Funny Facts About My Cats


Since ages, I have been dreaming to have a cat as a pet but my mom does not allow me until one day, a stray cat popped up in front of our house. Now, she has a daughter too. Of course there are reasons to have a cat in my house not including its cuteness really catches my eyes.

The major reason for me to pet a cat is because cat is Prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW's favorite animal and he had a cat at his house named Muezza. He loved the cat so much that he was willing to cut on of his robe sleeves so that he would not disturb it sleeping.

My mother cat is a cat with one eye and I think the other eye has a sight problem. Perhaps, irresponsible person plucked the eye out or she had a fight with other cats. I dont know but I really love my cats because they are so funny. Why?

1. My Cats Love To Sleep So Much!

Yeah, who won't right. Especially during this time. It is always raining here in Malaysia. Hours and hours are spent to sleep. The little one especially. Not long after I cuddle it up, it will fall asleep. It is not that they have hibernation period but even human beings love to sleep in a cold weather, what more animals. :D

funny facts about cats

2. My Cats Are Clean Freaks!

I tried to put them outside of my house. I thought that they would be playing in the dirt and at the soil around my house and yet they just be on the floor in front of the opening. They just did not move from clean floor. Perhaps they are just Clean Freaks! :D

funny facts about my cats

3. They Are Fighters!

I just love to see them 'fighting' with each other. At first, I thought that the mother was being mean to the little one but now I understand their ways of communicating and showing their love. They always play hide and seek. Now, even the daughter would start to tease the mother. Too cute and adorable!

4. My Cats Are So Much Scared Of Water!

I dont know why but my cats are just afraid of water. I read somewhere cats are scared of water because wet surfaces spread bacteria. See? Cats are so clean conscious. Me and my sister have very hard time bathing them. They look weird after bath but I love their smell.

5. My Cats Are So Hug-gable

I always force the small one to sleep with me, but when I woke up, it would be gone. I love to hug them. They are so hug-gable. I love to play with their smooth fur. Their fur doesn't come out. Healthy eating habit helps for them. They are so perfect in my eyes!

I really love my cats so much. They are my friends even they mess my room. I really hope that my mother will never get rid of them like what had happened to my previous cats. Now, they are no longer here with me. I really miss them. I miss them so much I shed tears. :'(

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Flood In Pahang, Malaysia Is Just Shocking


I have been living in Malaysia all my life. I live in the East of Peninsular Malaysia. All I know is for the East part of Peninsular Malaysia, it is normal for us experiencing flood towards the end of the year but, this year is of course can be considered as the worst of all time. Flood in Kuantan, Pahang this year of 2013 will never be forgotten.

Flood In Pahang, Flood In Malaysia, Worst Flood Ever

Almost every inch of Kuantan, Pahang is covered with water. No place seems to be a safe place. Thousands of people have to move from their house. A lot of them have to walk in water, carrying their children and have nothing but faith in their hearts that everything will be fine when it does not seem like one. Flood in Pahang, Malaysia this year is just shocking!

To make it worse, there are also places prepared for flood victims which are affected. How can things be more miserable when we cannot depend on things that we are depending on? I myself have relatives studying there and I know it is not an easy situation they are in. I just cried reading what one of them wrote. It is too much worrying just to imagine it.
Flood In Pahang, Flood In Malaysia, Flood, Worst Flood

From the story, it was a very hard thing to be in a flooded place. I have seen the pictures she took when she was moving here and there to save herself and all I can say is 'It is a horror'. The road is ruined, the vehicles are broken, the houses are damaged and many more that I just cannot describe with words. If by seeing I can feel this heart broken, what more people who are in that situation?

It is definitely not as bad as what had happened in Banda Acheh but still, it is bad and kind of weird and shocking when it turns out to be as bad as this. I admit as a Malaysian that I have never seen a situation where our people are starving, running out of food. It has never crossed my mind for the situation in Malaysia to become this bad.

Thanks to all the responsible parties and NGOs who have been willing to do a lot of things to help those people in need. I hope the victims will also help those volunteers to help them. Do not be too dependent and let yourselves being too much pampered. Volunteers come to help you, not to become your slaves.

By the way, why does this happen? Is this a sign?

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Try As Hard As Possible But Don't Hope As Much


I am now working out on winning an SEO Contest which was organized by Eridy.Com. It is a quite tough competition I am having right now. I am writing here to remind myself to not hope too much in winning this competition.

I am not a blogger who knows everything about blogging. In fact, I know almost zero about blogging. I depend on other bloggers to edit my template code which is so shameful for me. I do want to know more but coding is just not my thing.

I just want to remind myself that I can plan a lot of things in my life but finally, ALLAH is the one who will decide whether my is going to work or be ruined and changed to another thing. I admit that I am now trying hard to win the contest but I hope I can not hope as much for the result.

If not, I know I am going to feel very bad about it. I want this contest to be a good experience in my blogging career and I don't want the result to make me become skeptical with blogging. I will try hard, but I will not hope as much.

We for sure will hope for things to be good in our eyes but what our eyes see is not always the best for us. The problem with hoping is that we cannot control it. It is deep inside us that we are unable to reach it and mold it the way we want. 

However, we can always remind ourselves to not hope too much for things to always happen the way we want because Allah is the Greatest Planner and Controller of the Earth. Pen off. XOXO

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Is Benefiting Others The Only Way?

Good morning everybody. At last, I am updating this blog. I am really not good in keeping my promises. I have been ignoring this blog since ages and now I am back. It is proven, people look for someone or something only when they are in need of benefit from that someone and that something.
will this show how lonely i am?
Yes, it has been a hectic week for me because I just thought that I have found someone that will always be with me all the time just to find out that he will not. He is just like other previous boys I know who finally got bored talking to the same girl everyday when I never feel bored talking to them. My bad.

Perhaps, I will never find a best friend through out my life. Friends come and go and I don't like it. I want them to stay with me while all they want is to go away. Am I not good enough? Or maybe I don't benefit them enough. I really hope that I have a rope or perhaps a thumbtack that can nail them to me forever. :D

K. That is all I have to say for today. See you again in another million years. :D
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