Sunday, 6 April 2014

How To Forget A Stupid Ex

How To Forget Our Ex | It is me again here. I am now in the process of recovery of a broken heart. Fortunately, I am all experienced of getting hurt and I am well equipped with all the 'requirements' to recover quickly. Hey, breaking up and letting go is so easy if you know the right things to do. Chill babes. You have me now. Smile. :D

Just broke up with your boyfriend? Heartache? Crying non-stop? Ask me how to forget your stupid ex. I have all the tips. But not for those who broke up with a nice ex. Will write on forgetting our nice ex in another entry. Okay? :D


1. Find A Replacement, A Possible Husband I Mean

forgetting a stupid ex, ways to forget our exes
Me and ex. Stupid ex to be more exact.
Many people say that after breaking up, you go for things that will make you more carefree like holidaying but for me, the first thing to do after breaking up is to find a better replacement. If you lose a pencil, you buy a mechanical pencil. If you lost your stupid ex boyfriend, look for or accept a better one. Having a replacement is the main key of forgetting our ex. Try it! :D

2. Show Him That You Are Not Affected At All

how to forget a stupid ex, forgetting our exes, exes suck
Do I look like I am affected about losing you? Hell no! :D
Showing him that you are better living without him is the best feeling ever! Do you feel sad of losing someone stupid enough to let you, the one who loves him to the core go? Should you feel sad about losing someone who does not love you as much as you do? Show him you are not affected. Show him how happy you are without him. Of course, you will forget him in no time!

3. Delete Everything That Reminds You Of Him

exes suck, ways to forget a stupid ex, forgetting an ex
I gave this back to him. Seriously, this jersey sucks. -_-
Hey, do not love your stupid ex, as well as all the stuff that remind you of him! Forget him means deleting everything that makes you think of him. Everything means everything. Delete him on all your social media. Throw or give away everything that reminds you of him if you are really serious about moving on. Do not leave anything. Everything should vanish from your sight. Get it?

4. Set Your Mind That Everything Happens For A Good Reason

My good reason of breaking up. :')
Everything including good and bad things, happens for a good reason. Bad things are always followed by good things. God loves His creatures so much that He never lets us get into problems harder than what we can shoulder. Bad lucks never remain. They will go and end up beautifully. You just have to believe in yourself and lead your life like nothing bad happens. Smile :)

5. Do Things That Keep You Busy

forgetting an ex is easy, forget an ex
What about being the antagonist in a stage play? Nice right?
Everybody has at least a hobby and because of our hectic life, we often forget that we actually have one. What about using your hobby as a tool to forget your stupid ex? This is the time when a hobby seems more important than just being only a hobby. This is the time that a hobby would be more like a secret passage of getting free from a miserable life. Long time no see Mr Hobby! :D


Try them and you will change your mind set. It is just a matter of doing them and be a little patient to taste a visible wonderful result. Still aching? Lets have a talk with me. Email me at mujagirl92[at] . I will be so much happy to have a long conversation with you. :D

*after publishing this post, I will delete the pictures. :P
*for guys, just change the word boyfriend to girlfriend.

Haha. :P


  1. Hahaha.. nice one.. keep calm n stay poo... hahahaha

  2. good tips btw..huhu..crying like a hell is a stupid thing..better go and find another better guy..hihi,. :)

    1. crying like hell is not a stupid thing. but it will become one if you cried like hell every single day.

  3. mcm mn nk ada partner pon eden dah pening ni...
    apatah lg nk ada ex...

  4. Sometimes, time can heal your heart-broken. Maybe. Tapi,the first tip is the more effective. hehe

    1. it is the most effective that is why it is placed at the top,, :D

  5. bila kita redha ex itu sebagai ujian drp Allah ... dah x rasa apa pun ... alhamdulillah , tak membenci .

    1. i dont like him not because he is my ex vee,, it is because he tortured me for months by keeping quiet, not telling me about him getting a new girl... that is what hurts most,,,

  6. Allah! Pemalu nya la jejaka idaman NMI tu.

    1. he really likes to cover his face,, T_T

  7. :( bf u can easily forget...but if husband did something that hurt u...not easy. I've gone through that.

  8. seram gambar yg last tuu...


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