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Love Poem- Dear Sweet Stranger by My Dearest

Love Poem- Dear Sweet Stranger | Before we become attached to a person, that person is a stranger to us and I really know how miserable it is to keep everything a secret when we are at the level of bursting out. It happens to every single human in this world I guess including me and my future husband. Normal for a boy who is in love. :D

When he just knew me on my blog, he was too shy to confess to me that he had always have his own way of expressing his feelings towards me without me knowing on his blog. He is afraid if he fails to win his girl's heart. He used several his-own-created names to resemble me; sweet stranger, N, Nur, and the latest is NMI. You can call me blogger NMI okay readers? -_-'

Maybe because he is too afraid that I will not accept him because he does not realize that love can be nurtured. We can work on love honey. What I want to share with all of you to day is his first love poem specially written for me entitled Dear Sweet Stranger. Another name for me. Am I that sweet honey? :')

love poesm, dear sweet stranger, my dearest, mujagirl, nik nashram, in love
In my eyes, he is far sweeter than me. How bout you?

Dear Sweet Stranger by Nik Nashram,my future husband.

Dear sweet stranger
The first time I saw you
My heart skipped a bit
I said to myself "how funny this possibly can be"
Someone who is just a stranger can mean so much to me

When I close my eyes, I can see your smile
A sweet smile that makes me wanna die
Although I try to lie, I certainly cannot deny
Hoping that you are destined to be mine

Dear sweet stranger
I like you to be by my side
I want you to fill my empty cup
I will fight to get you and I won't give up
So I am going to say this, even without a flower cup
I love you with all my heart
And I am waiting for you to decide

I let my heart do the talking
I let my heart do the praying
Hoping that you know what I am feeling
Because this is my whispering
"I love you everlasting"


The first poem, written by my future husband, Nik Nashram, before his love confession. Is it that Ouch! It struck my heart like a bullet. I really hope that you, my readers, will be willing to pray for our future. Really hope that everything planned is going to run smoothly as we wish. Really hope that we will be able to face anything that occurs and defend everything we have built together.

If it still does not go as planned, I really hope that we will be able to accept everything with open heart. I really hope we will be confident and always remember that everything happens for a reason. We know what we want, Allah knows what is the best for us. We as normal weak human, can only hope, plan and work. Allah is still the Greatest Planner.

By the way, is it that hard to confess your love towards your beloved one? But it does feel better everything is let out right? . :')

The End.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Fact That Love Can Be Nurtured Is Proven!

The Fact That Love Can Be Nurtured Is Proven! | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. Before this, I wrote on How To Forget A Stupid Ex and I really hope it helps those who are in the same situation which I was in before. Don't worry babes. We will get over it! You can do it yeahh! :D

Do you remember that one of the ways to forget an ex is to accept a new person in your life? However, never repeat the same mistake by accepting a person who is just like the previous one; who only looks good and talks good. It is not wrong to make mistakes but it is totally wrong to repeat the same mistakes. Get the gist? :D

The new person chosen should be the best person. If he is not the best, he is not The Person. Yes, look for The Person and you will savour each second passes of your life. He should be someone who is so much in love with you and you only. To be the best, he doesn't need to have all the womanizer qualities, but at least he has these 3 must-have criteria; 

  1. he practices his religion well, a person with religion instilled to lead us to Jannah.
  2. he truly loves you, at least, it is you after his family. 
  3. he is economically stable even not rich. Hey, we don't feed on love alone!

When we are in a process of forgetting someone who once was very dear to us, it is hard to accept someone else. We tend to think that we are not going to forget him. We will be stuck in a so-called endless love etc. But no, believe me you won't. Only 'extraordinary' people will and never regard yourself as extraordinary because you are just a normal girl. Trust me honey. :D

Love can be nurtured! A girl's heart is never too hard to mould. We are created that way. We tend to receive love when love is given to us. If you have found the guy who has that 3 most important criteria, open your heart for him. Accept him the way he is, never compare him to your previous ones and you will eventually feel the difference. Hey, I talk based on experience okay. :3

Wanna see proofs that love can be nurtured? Continue reading folks. :D

My Parents

mujagirl, mujadafewa, love can be nurtured
Their daughter after more than 20 years of marriage :)
My parents got married after knowing each other for a month. They had an arranged marriage. They barely knew each other. They did not know each other's favourite food and hobbies. They both had engaged to somebody else before they got married. They were once hurt too, but now, they have 7 children, including the most beautiful one. Ehem, of course me. ^^

Dena Bahrin

love can be nurtured, dena bahrin marriage, love tips
Because this man has all the criteria, she accepted him and they are now very happy. :')
I don't know her before, but after her story of getting married at such young age, I read her blog and know their wonderful love story. She barely knew her husband when they got married. She was a broken-hearted girl before they got married but now, they are so much in love and have been blessed with such a cute little boy. I am so much happy for her. :)

Yuyu Zulaikha

yuyu zulaikha marriage, love tips, love can be nurtured, mujagirl
They got engaged the time Yuyu was still unsure of her love towards her husband but they are now happy. :')
From what I read, Yuyu Zulaikha decided to get engaged to her husband when she was still unsure of her feelings. She was hurt before. She accepted her husband because she believes that he is The Person for her and now it is proven true. They are so much loving each other. They are so in love and going to get a child in another few months. I am just too excited for them! :D

Us. me and him.

love can be nurtured, happy couple, love tips
Thank you for the infinite love you've given me. Please, hold my hand to Jannah. :')

Us. The story of us? Wait until we get married, then I'll tell you. As long as it is not confirmed, nothing to tell as I'm afraid that it does not go as planned but hoping for your prayer for our great wonderful future together. Human can only plan and pray. We both hope, plan and pray for our future. Do your part too. Please please please! Pray for us. Thank you so much. :')

The End. :)
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Sunday, 6 April 2014

How To Forget A Stupid Ex

How To Forget Our Ex | It is me again here. I am now in the process of recovery of a broken heart. Fortunately, I am all experienced of getting hurt and I am well equipped with all the 'requirements' to recover quickly. Hey, breaking up and letting go is so easy if you know the right things to do. Chill babes. You have me now. Smile. :D

Just broke up with your boyfriend? Heartache? Crying non-stop? Ask me how to forget your stupid ex. I have all the tips. But not for those who broke up with a nice ex. Will write on forgetting our nice ex in another entry. Okay? :D


1. Find A Replacement, A Possible Husband I Mean

forgetting a stupid ex, ways to forget our exes
Me and ex. Stupid ex to be more exact.
Many people say that after breaking up, you go for things that will make you more carefree like holidaying but for me, the first thing to do after breaking up is to find a better replacement. If you lose a pencil, you buy a mechanical pencil. If you lost your stupid ex boyfriend, look for or accept a better one. Having a replacement is the main key of forgetting our ex. Try it! :D

2. Show Him That You Are Not Affected At All

how to forget a stupid ex, forgetting our exes, exes suck
Do I look like I am affected about losing you? Hell no! :D
Showing him that you are better living without him is the best feeling ever! Do you feel sad of losing someone stupid enough to let you, the one who loves him to the core go? Should you feel sad about losing someone who does not love you as much as you do? Show him you are not affected. Show him how happy you are without him. Of course, you will forget him in no time!

3. Delete Everything That Reminds You Of Him

exes suck, ways to forget a stupid ex, forgetting an ex
I gave this back to him. Seriously, this jersey sucks. -_-
Hey, do not love your stupid ex, as well as all the stuff that remind you of him! Forget him means deleting everything that makes you think of him. Everything means everything. Delete him on all your social media. Throw or give away everything that reminds you of him if you are really serious about moving on. Do not leave anything. Everything should vanish from your sight. Get it?

4. Set Your Mind That Everything Happens For A Good Reason

My good reason of breaking up. :')
Everything including good and bad things, happens for a good reason. Bad things are always followed by good things. God loves His creatures so much that He never lets us get into problems harder than what we can shoulder. Bad lucks never remain. They will go and end up beautifully. You just have to believe in yourself and lead your life like nothing bad happens. Smile :)

5. Do Things That Keep You Busy

forgetting an ex is easy, forget an ex
What about being the antagonist in a stage play? Nice right?
Everybody has at least a hobby and because of our hectic life, we often forget that we actually have one. What about using your hobby as a tool to forget your stupid ex? This is the time when a hobby seems more important than just being only a hobby. This is the time that a hobby would be more like a secret passage of getting free from a miserable life. Long time no see Mr Hobby! :D


Try them and you will change your mind set. It is just a matter of doing them and be a little patient to taste a visible wonderful result. Still aching? Lets have a talk with me. Email me at mujagirl92[at] . I will be so much happy to have a long conversation with you. :D

*after publishing this post, I will delete the pictures. :P
*for guys, just change the word boyfriend to girlfriend.

Haha. :P

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Friday, 4 April 2014

What Makes A Broken-Hearted Girl

What Makes A Broken-Hearted Girl | Hye. It has been a very long time since I last updated this blog and here I come again as I am feeling so much troubled with my feelings few days back. Guys, it is easy to win a girl's heart for the first time, not the next time. 

For your information, once upon a time, I wanted a boy to be mine so desperately, to that extent that I rejected another person who I know wants me to be his sincerely. I wanted that boy to be in love with me the way I did. It is not that desperate, but quite desperate. Haha.

I thought he would be the one but it is proven that I was wrong. Now, the confidence in me is gone. Again. What makes a broken-hearted girl. I really know this as it is what I faced before. I was once a broken-hearted girl, but no longer. :)


When She Knows Her Beloved Does Not Love Her

What Makes A Broken-Hearted Girl, heart, feelings, girls, love

It breaks a girl's heart so badly when she know she loves somebody who does not love her back. How do we judge a person who loves and does not love us? I do not know this clearly too but I am so very sure that when we are loved, we can feel it, which I do not how. We just know it.

When She Feels Her Beloved Does Not Care About Her
What Makes A Broken-Hearted Girl, broken heart, girl, love
A girl's heart will be broken when her beloved does not care about her. In a girl's mind; not caring is not loving. Maybe this is very different to what a boy has in mind. Honestly, a girl does not ask for much. Just asking whether she has eaten or not would be enough to make her smile broadly!

When Her Beloved Does Not Talk To Her

What Makes A Broken-Hearted Girl, broken heart, girl things, understanding girls

A girl loves to talk especially to her beloved one. She always has things to tell and it breaks her heart when her beloved does not seem interested to talk to her. Especially for those who are having a long distance relationship, only talking is available to strengthen the bond.

When Her Beloved Does Not Text Her

What Makes A Broken-Hearted Girl, girl things, broken heart, understanding girls

As we live in a modern time, it breaks a girl's heart so much when her boy does not text her. Texting has become a norm and not texting means everything negative to a girl. Texting is easy. She tends to wonder why the easiest thing seems the hardest to do for boys. It hurts, so much.

When She Thinks Her Beloved Does Not Miss Her

What Makes A Broken-Hearted Girl, i miss you, missing you, understanding girls, girl things

When we love, we  miss and a girl can feel it. She knows that her beloved will not let her being alone for long when he misses her. He will always get in touch. I breaks a girl's heart so badly when she thinks that her boy does not miss her. Guys, show her you miss her. She will jump out of joy!

Never break a girl's heart because Allah loves her so much. He will never let you be free. Take care of her as carefully as you take care of yourself or more. A girl can become a heaven for you as much as she can be a hell of your life. Choose carefully in what form you want her in your life.

Good luck guys! :D
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