Thursday, 9 November 2017

How To Look Slimmer With Fashion

How To Look Slimmer With Fashion | It is undeniable that we live day by day to fulfill our own expectations, but we cannot deny that we will feel better when we also live up to others' too. Fulfilling both will make us feel the best which everyone deserves at all times as it will help boost confidence level. One of the ways to feel the best is to use fashion right. So, how is the right way to wear fashion right?

The right outfit is the right fashion. Usually, we will feel better when we wear the right fit of our clothes. When I said better, I mean slimmer. For women, they will do anything to look slimmer and fashion is one of the major factors that determines how they look. Fashion, when worn right, definitely can make us look smaller than our actual size.

How to manipulate fashion to look slimmer

1. Use darker colours

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First thing first, we have to choose the right colour to appear smaller than what we actually are. Darker colours can help hide the excess fat especially around the belly and our hip. The safest option will be black but don't restrict to just this one colour to avoid us being dull at all time. We can also choose other dark colours such as blue black, dark green, dark purple and maroon.

2. Wear the right size

Size is something we have to really choose right so that we do not look bigger than our actual size. If you fit M, choose M rather than S or L. A much smaller or much bigger size of clothes that we put on will make us look big. Smaller ones will highlight the parts that we want to hide and bigger ones will make us look shabby and of course, BIG.

3. Put on the right materials

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To appear thinner, we should also use the right materials. Go for lightweight soft materials rather than heavy or body hugging one. Heavy materials like denim  can make us look bigger as it is very hard to flow on our body the right way. Avoid the use of spandex and lycra materials too because these two might accentuate the bigger parts of our body. Therefore, go for chiffon or crepe for our outfits.

4. Choose the right pattern

How To Appear Slimmer With Fashion, how to look slimmer

Do know that the patterns also play major role on how we look in our everyday wear. To appear thinner, choose vertical patterns rather than horizontal. Do not forget that the lines should not be too thick also. If you are more to flowery type, choose small flowery patterns rather than big ones. Both preferred patterns will make us look thinner by manipulating human's optical illusion.

5. Pick the right accessories

Choose a longer necklace, perhaps until slightly lower than our chess area to help elongate your bodice for a slimmer effect. For bracelet, use one that is slightly larger than your wrist. If you want to wear a belt, avoid the thick ones. Go for the thin ones to make waist look smaller. Do not forget to use bright colours for the accessories so that people will be focussing on them rather than our body.

These 5 tips to appear thinner are really easy to follow rather than the diet tips, right? Therefore, try them. You will feel the difference. I hope these 5 fashion tips will help you with your everyday look. Till next article guys. Toodles!


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