Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Why I Created This Blog?


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Today, I created this blog to: 
  • gather all the blogs that I love to read on my bloglist as manya as possible
  • ensure that my official blog is not affected when other blogs are affected
  • make my blog load faster as there are fewer things to load
smile and show your teeth folks because you will get free backlinks from this blog. yahoo!!!

For those you want to be on the bloglist:
  • do leave a comment on your blog link 
  • automatically, I will include your blogs on my bloglist 
  • dont worry. I will definitely visit your blog when I am free 
The times when I will use this blog:
  • when I feel that I have no idea to update my official blog, I will visit other blogs to maybe get some inspirations.
  • when I feel like distancing myself from my blog with any kind of reason.
  • when I feel like having headache with all Earthly and World stuff that never seem to fade.
  • when I feel like writing an entry which I dont find appropriate on my other blog.
It depends but this blog will never be my first blog. This is my replacement blog. If I find it boring to just be at Nurmujahidah, I'll come here here. I hope it will be a good balance for me. 

So, I hope you get I have in mind and will not mind to just leave you blog link so that I can include it here. Happy blogging folks. :D


  1. add me Cik Putih di

    and my bloglist

  2. tolong masukkan saya :)

  3. ohoo..nak buat bloglist jugak la camni..:D

    sebenarnya memang dah buat bloglist pun..cuma belum ada org tau..hahaha

  4. lagi senang ade satu blog khas untuk bloglist....senang nak ngendap entry semua orang (^-^)

  5. wah idea muja memang bernas ler, suka99x

  6. boleh ke ajar akak camana nk letakkan bloglist kat header skali ngan sitemap kat atas tu. Dah cuba bnyk kali tapi tak pernah menjadi. Tqvm :)

  7. Eh.. lemax pun ada kat sini.
    Good morning.

  8. add me... . dah masukkan awak dalam bloglist saya

  9. Kak Muja , Najwa nak masuk bloglist akak jugak.. :)

  10. muja, zizie ada wat exchange bloglist.. jom!

  11. Saya nak join ;D terima kasih . Nice job anyway and good luck !

  12. Akak dh ada dlm senarai Interested one. hehe... suka3...


  14. join...

  15. nak join jugak..hehe
    link you already!if ada mana-mana blogger yang nak tukar link inform yek..


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