Friday, 6 December 2013

Is Benefiting Others The Only Way?

Good morning everybody. At last, I am updating this blog. I am really not good in keeping my promises. I have been ignoring this blog since ages and now I am back. It is proven, people look for someone or something only when they are in need of benefit from that someone and that something.
will this show how lonely i am?
Yes, it has been a hectic week for me because I just thought that I have found someone that will always be with me all the time just to find out that he will not. He is just like other previous boys I know who finally got bored talking to the same girl everyday when I never feel bored talking to them. My bad.

Perhaps, I will never find a best friend through out my life. Friends come and go and I don't like it. I want them to stay with me while all they want is to go away. Am I not good enough? Or maybe I don't benefit them enough. I really hope that I have a rope or perhaps a thumbtack that can nail them to me forever. :D

K. That is all I have to say for today. See you again in another million years. :D


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