Monday, 23 June 2014

Love Poem- Yesterday, I Hurt My Boy

Yesterday, I Hurt My Boy | Girls are known for their innocence and most of the time we would feel that we are right and our boys are wrong. Actually, we have to bravely admit that we do mistakes too and it is not wrong for us to apologize to our beloved one. We do love him, right?

Usually, it is known that when I 'incidentally' this blog of mine, something is just wrong with me and my life. Yes, I have done so many mistakes that fortunately I have this unknown blog to pour out all my horrible feelings. :'(

Yesterday, I Hurt My Boy

Yesterday, I hurt my boy
I did it on purpose coz I don't wanna be a toy
I was once used for a boy's joy
But, I now know the boy is not my boy

Yesterday, I hurt my boy
I thought I was the one hurting the most,
Never crossed my mind how to him did it cost
Oh my heart!! It is too fragile, too soft

Yesterday, I hurt my boy
I admit it is not as easy as you always cough
I am too afraid of being somebody not worth
For a tough guy as nice, as soft
I am a girl and insecurity in me is not easy to solve

Yesterday, I hurt my boy
Today, I miss him like crazy
I hurt him not realizing how much it hurt me
He should be hurting missing me too, doesn't he?

Yesterday, I hurt my boy
Maybe the past hurtful experience has this tremendous effect on me
Thinking of how he would finally change and forget me
Never crossed my mind he is working hard just for me

Yesterday, I hurt my boy
I tend to regard that every boy is the same
I have this crazy mind for him to be tame
Not realizing he is different because he is my boy
I cried hard after the whole day waiting for his call

Yesterday, I hurt my boy
I wanted to sulk long even though I know 1 was wrong
I did things I like not thinking of this terrible missing has been so long
I disbelieve him that hurts him more

Yesterday, I hurt my boy
He had been telling me he will never change
But never that it is enough to convince his girl
Now I miss him like no other, afraid of losing him forever

Yesterday, I hurt my boy
This missing thing really makes my life hay wire
Always think I am the worst among all
But never thought of my boy
Never thought of how terribly I had hurt my boy

Ps- hope you love this love poem about my love. :'(


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