Thursday, 24 April 2014

Love Poem- Dear Sweet Stranger by My Dearest

Love Poem- Dear Sweet Stranger | Before we become attached to a person, that person is a stranger to us and I really know how miserable it is to keep everything a secret when we are at the level of bursting out. It happens to every single human in this world I guess including me and my future husband. Normal for a boy who is in love. :D

When he just knew me on my blog, he was too shy to confess to me that he had always have his own way of expressing his feelings towards me without me knowing on his blog. He is afraid if he fails to win his girl's heart. He used several his-own-created names to resemble me; sweet stranger, N, Nur, and the latest is NMI. You can call me blogger NMI okay readers? -_-'

Maybe because he is too afraid that I will not accept him because he does not realize that love can be nurtured. We can work on love honey. What I want to share with all of you to day is his first love poem specially written for me entitled Dear Sweet Stranger. Another name for me. Am I that sweet honey? :')

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In my eyes, he is far sweeter than me. How bout you?

Dear Sweet Stranger by Nik Nashram,my future husband.

Dear sweet stranger
The first time I saw you
My heart skipped a bit
I said to myself "how funny this possibly can be"
Someone who is just a stranger can mean so much to me

When I close my eyes, I can see your smile
A sweet smile that makes me wanna die
Although I try to lie, I certainly cannot deny
Hoping that you are destined to be mine

Dear sweet stranger
I like you to be by my side
I want you to fill my empty cup
I will fight to get you and I won't give up
So I am going to say this, even without a flower cup
I love you with all my heart
And I am waiting for you to decide

I let my heart do the talking
I let my heart do the praying
Hoping that you know what I am feeling
Because this is my whispering
"I love you everlasting"


The first poem, written by my future husband, Nik Nashram, before his love confession. Is it that Ouch! It struck my heart like a bullet. I really hope that you, my readers, will be willing to pray for our future. Really hope that everything planned is going to run smoothly as we wish. Really hope that we will be able to face anything that occurs and defend everything we have built together.

If it still does not go as planned, I really hope that we will be able to accept everything with open heart. I really hope we will be confident and always remember that everything happens for a reason. We know what we want, Allah knows what is the best for us. We as normal weak human, can only hope, plan and work. Allah is still the Greatest Planner.

By the way, is it that hard to confess your love towards your beloved one? But it does feel better everything is let out right? . :')

The End.


  1. Semoga segala urusan jodoh korang dipermudahkan hendakNya. InsyaAllah.

    1. amiiin. i really hope so tata. really hope for all the prayers for our wish to come true :-)

  2. i wish you happy birthday !
    eh silap!
    happy always ! (^_^)

  3. InsyaAllah, i pray for both of u for happily ever after. Amin. :D

  4. yes no..ok..yes..

    ok gua xreti BI..ceq nak cakap semoga Allah menjodohkan ang dengan insan yang terbaik..hevok sokmo ^__^

    1. cek pn sama. hope to see you be happy with your spouse forever.. u r the best boss ive ever met in life. tq so much. :')


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