Monday, 4 May 2015

What I Want From My Man

What I Want From My Man | Assaalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. I feel very terrible today. How can a girl be willing to ride my fiancee's car from Johor to Kelantan back and forth. It is an 8-hour journey for one way. Being alone in a car for 8 hours. How can I accept this? I am crying hard and I don't think my man will understand this more than you do.

what i want from my man

You will understand me right? I never ask for so much. I dont mind having small rings for my engagement and my wedding but him. He is all I ask for. Him, only for me. Even though I know nothing bad is happening, my heart is still aching. :'(
  1. I want him to accept me for who I am
    • no matter how fat or skinny, dark or fair, clean or dirty, short or tall, clumsy or graceful, clingy or independent.
  2. I want him to look at my camera, smiling at me.
    • when I look at the pictures, I envision him smiling at me with tender and love. I will always be reminded on how warm our love has been.
  3. I want him to call me at least 3 times a day
    • morning, day and night. every time he calls, he shows he remembers me. When he tells stories when talking to me, I know he is missing me
  4. I want him to persuade me when I am mad
    • persuading me shows how much I matter to him. Wanna feel important and worth spending time with, spending time for.
  5. I want him to have only one girl, that is me. 
    • no girl is allowed to have everything i want from my man. Me only. Only me. I wanna be the only one. A girl taken care of because his love is only for me
Girls, please don't break other girls' hearts. It is never a good thing to do. It is as if you are hurting yourself.



  1. does the girl know the hukum for disturbing another's tunang....steviea2j...........

    1. she knows and she doesnt care. maybe she doesnt think that it is bad. she doesnt think on my behalf :'(

  2. Hai muja...byk2 post suka nk komen ni.hihihi...apa pon dont aspect too much dear...what u give insya Allah will get back..baik muja bg..lg baik muja dpt ;) tp ye....tunang muja apesal nak g tumpangkan plak?apehal......mmmmm

    1. balas budi kan.. skarang tunang dah jadi husben.. hehehehe


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