Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Tip For An Everlasting Love- The Power Of Throwback

A Tip for an Everlasting Love- The Power of Throwback | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. A relationship never goes smoothly as imagined, as we want. There will always be ups and downs that will test us on our determination to hold strong to it. 

Eventually, time flies and things will go back to normal. It is just that; hold strong and never let go! That's it! I wanna tell you a secret of me maintaining my love relationship. Do spread to others so that they can maintain theirs too k. We all hope for an everlasting love, right?

My secret of holding strong to my relationship with my abbang is the power of throwback. You know throwback right? Throwback means valuing our old times, reminiscing them and smiling when they suddenly touch our mind and heart. What I can say, throwback is kind of my hobby because throwback:

1. reminds us of our sweet memories

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Throwback reminds us of our sweet memories. As normal humans, we tend to forget especially when we are so deeply indulged in anger. Sweet memories will lighten our head and calm us as we remember them. Always remember how the person we love has once been the cause of our smiles. :)

2. reminds us of promises made

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Promises are made to be kept, not to be broken. Please, promise things that you know you can and will fulfill. I am sure, all of us have promised our beloved to love till the end, to not let anything harm the relationship. Then, hold strong to it and never let go just because of small things crossing by! :D

3. reminds you of how much we love each other

Reminding ourselves how much we love each other is very important and vital. I always do this in the middle of chaos to eliminate all the negative things in my head. After all, most of the time, loving each other too much is actually the cause to the problems. So, be patient and remember! :D

4. reminds us of what you have been dreaming together

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The power of throwback is that it is capable of bringing back the dreams that we have been dreaming together. Dreams of being together to the end of the time, honeymoon beach, dream house up on the hill, number of kids and to live happily ever after. It will never be bad to remember all these!

5. reminds you of how hard you have tried to maintain your relationship

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Problems come and go. You should be so much experienced of dealing with them as it is not your first time. So, every time problem occurs, remember how much sacrifices and hurdles you have encountered to keep the relationship just come to that level. Hard enough to maintain it right???

Anger comes from the devil and why must we follow him??? Anger makes us lose all our senses and we tend to do things that we will regret for the rest our life. We don't want that to happen. Calm ourselves, breath in and out, perform istikharah, discuss with others, then only you decide.

That's all. May our love brings us all to Jannah. Amiin. :D

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