Sunday, 8 December 2013

Try As Hard As Possible But Don't Hope As Much


I am now working out on winning an SEO Contest which was organized by Eridy.Com. It is a quite tough competition I am having right now. I am writing here to remind myself to not hope too much in winning this competition.

I am not a blogger who knows everything about blogging. In fact, I know almost zero about blogging. I depend on other bloggers to edit my template code which is so shameful for me. I do want to know more but coding is just not my thing.

I just want to remind myself that I can plan a lot of things in my life but finally, ALLAH is the one who will decide whether my is going to work or be ruined and changed to another thing. I admit that I am now trying hard to win the contest but I hope I can not hope as much for the result.

If not, I know I am going to feel very bad about it. I want this contest to be a good experience in my blogging career and I don't want the result to make me become skeptical with blogging. I will try hard, but I will not hope as much.

We for sure will hope for things to be good in our eyes but what our eyes see is not always the best for us. The problem with hoping is that we cannot control it. It is deep inside us that we are unable to reach it and mold it the way we want. 

However, we can always remind ourselves to not hope too much for things to always happen the way we want because Allah is the Greatest Planner and Controller of the Earth. Pen off. XOXO


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