Monday, 9 December 2013

Flood In Pahang, Malaysia Is Just Shocking


I have been living in Malaysia all my life. I live in the East of Peninsular Malaysia. All I know is for the East part of Peninsular Malaysia, it is normal for us experiencing flood towards the end of the year but, this year is of course can be considered as the worst of all time. Flood in Kuantan, Pahang this year of 2013 will never be forgotten.

Flood In Pahang, Flood In Malaysia, Worst Flood Ever

Almost every inch of Kuantan, Pahang is covered with water. No place seems to be a safe place. Thousands of people have to move from their house. A lot of them have to walk in water, carrying their children and have nothing but faith in their hearts that everything will be fine when it does not seem like one. Flood in Pahang, Malaysia this year is just shocking!

To make it worse, there are also places prepared for flood victims which are affected. How can things be more miserable when we cannot depend on things that we are depending on? I myself have relatives studying there and I know it is not an easy situation they are in. I just cried reading what one of them wrote. It is too much worrying just to imagine it.
Flood In Pahang, Flood In Malaysia, Flood, Worst Flood

From the story, it was a very hard thing to be in a flooded place. I have seen the pictures she took when she was moving here and there to save herself and all I can say is 'It is a horror'. The road is ruined, the vehicles are broken, the houses are damaged and many more that I just cannot describe with words. If by seeing I can feel this heart broken, what more people who are in that situation?

It is definitely not as bad as what had happened in Banda Acheh but still, it is bad and kind of weird and shocking when it turns out to be as bad as this. I admit as a Malaysian that I have never seen a situation where our people are starving, running out of food. It has never crossed my mind for the situation in Malaysia to become this bad.

Thanks to all the responsible parties and NGOs who have been willing to do a lot of things to help those people in need. I hope the victims will also help those volunteers to help them. Do not be too dependent and let yourselves being too much pampered. Volunteers come to help you, not to become your slaves.

By the way, why does this happen? Is this a sign?


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