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The Fact That Love Can Be Nurtured Is Proven!

The Fact That Love Can Be Nurtured Is Proven! | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. Before this, I wrote on How To Forget A Stupid Ex and I really hope it helps those who are in the same situation which I was in before. Don't worry babes. We will get over it! You can do it yeahh! :D

Do you remember that one of the ways to forget an ex is to accept a new person in your life? However, never repeat the same mistake by accepting a person who is just like the previous one; who only looks good and talks good. It is not wrong to make mistakes but it is totally wrong to repeat the same mistakes. Get the gist? :D

The new person chosen should be the best person. If he is not the best, he is not The Person. Yes, look for The Person and you will savour each second passes of your life. He should be someone who is so much in love with you and you only. To be the best, he doesn't need to have all the womanizer qualities, but at least he has these 3 must-have criteria; 

  1. he practices his religion well, a person with religion instilled to lead us to Jannah.
  2. he truly loves you, at least, it is you after his family. 
  3. he is economically stable even not rich. Hey, we don't feed on love alone!

When we are in a process of forgetting someone who once was very dear to us, it is hard to accept someone else. We tend to think that we are not going to forget him. We will be stuck in a so-called endless love etc. But no, believe me you won't. Only 'extraordinary' people will and never regard yourself as extraordinary because you are just a normal girl. Trust me honey. :D

Love can be nurtured! A girl's heart is never too hard to mould. We are created that way. We tend to receive love when love is given to us. If you have found the guy who has that 3 most important criteria, open your heart for him. Accept him the way he is, never compare him to your previous ones and you will eventually feel the difference. Hey, I talk based on experience okay. :3

Wanna see proofs that love can be nurtured? Continue reading folks. :D

My Parents

mujagirl, mujadafewa, love can be nurtured
Their daughter after more than 20 years of marriage :)
My parents got married after knowing each other for a month. They had an arranged marriage. They barely knew each other. They did not know each other's favourite food and hobbies. They both had engaged to somebody else before they got married. They were once hurt too, but now, they have 7 children, including the most beautiful one. Ehem, of course me. ^^

Dena Bahrin

love can be nurtured, dena bahrin marriage, love tips
Because this man has all the criteria, she accepted him and they are now very happy. :')
I don't know her before, but after her story of getting married at such young age, I read her blog and know their wonderful love story. She barely knew her husband when they got married. She was a broken-hearted girl before they got married but now, they are so much in love and have been blessed with such a cute little boy. I am so much happy for her. :)

Yuyu Zulaikha

yuyu zulaikha marriage, love tips, love can be nurtured, mujagirl
They got engaged the time Yuyu was still unsure of her love towards her husband but they are now happy. :')
From what I read, Yuyu Zulaikha decided to get engaged to her husband when she was still unsure of her feelings. She was hurt before. She accepted her husband because she believes that he is The Person for her and now it is proven true. They are so much loving each other. They are so in love and going to get a child in another few months. I am just too excited for them! :D

Us. me and him.

love can be nurtured, happy couple, love tips
Thank you for the infinite love you've given me. Please, hold my hand to Jannah. :')

Us. The story of us? Wait until we get married, then I'll tell you. As long as it is not confirmed, nothing to tell as I'm afraid that it does not go as planned but hoping for your prayer for our great wonderful future together. Human can only plan and pray. We both hope, plan and pray for our future. Do your part too. Please please please! Pray for us. Thank you so much. :')

The End. :)


  1. semoga kamu di redhai ALLAH dan di berikan bahagia hingga ke jannah ,

    amin ya ALLAH

    1. tq so much achik. hope you will find your spouse soon and be happy with her to jannah too :)

  2. The 1st one is the paramount item to see in looking for a soul mate. My prayer is "Kurniakan aku dengan jodoh ku yang bertanggungjawab kepada agamanya, dirinya, keluarganya, masyarakat dan negaranya."

    If the 1st one is okay, InsyaAllah the rest would be okay too. We need him in order for us to head for Jannah. But never love him more than your love to Him. It's okay if one day he leaves you, but never you leave Him.

    People will come and go. We even will die. That is a promise. But He will stay. He will never go unless we choose to let Him out of our heart.

    1. i really agree with you tata. i really hope that my future husband will be the one who knows his priority. it is not me really, but Him and his parents first. :)

  3. Nice tips. And may you and your man be together forever to Jannah.. :)

    1. tq bella,, hope for the best for you and your man too :)

  4. Semoga ke jinjang pelamin yer. cerita perkahwinan mak ayah kita memang sangat berbeza dengan kita sekarang.

    1. yup,, sangat jauh berbeza,, tapi mereka kekal lama :)

  5. stupid ex? OMG! nobody is perfect though. sesetengah orang perlukan masa untuk luahkan. jangan pernah samakan dengan orang lain kerana fitrah setiap orang itu sendiri diciptakan dengan pelbagai karakter. Allah knows the best! btw, be happy sis!

    1. yes stupid for making me wonder why he changed without a clue. after so many months that i know he cheated. suffered a lot bcoz of him. tq sis :-)


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