Monday, 24 March 2014

How To Know A Boy Who Is In Love

How To Know A Boy Who Is In Love | It has been very long since I last updated this blog. Again, laziness rules but today, I feel like writing here as I am so much in love! Before, I wrote on how to win a girl's heart. Today, it is for you girls!

Actually, for the first time, I feel somebody really loves and cares about me. But still, I don't really believe things are going to go as well as we wish. However, I can see it and I want to share with you all how to know a man who has fallen in love. :D

how to know a boy who is in love

1. He Wants The World To Know That The Girl Is His
A boy is a very outspoken person. He does not keep everything to himself especially if he feels threatened that he may lose the girl. He will voice out his feelings so that the girl accepts him. Perhaps, he wants everybody to know because he is afraid that it will be too late if no one knows.

2. He Makes Time In His No Time Because He Cares A Lot
Being a boy, life would be very busy and hectic as he needs to work for the family and he would love spending his time with his friends. However, he will never forget his beloved. Perhaps, he can miss his breakfast or lunch, but not to miss calling his beloved to show his love.

3. He Always Gets Connected To Her Because He Always Misses Her
Years ago, people used letters which took ages to get in touch, but now, we have technology that makes it far easier. A boy in love will ensure that he gets in touch to her beloved most of the time because he cares a lot. If possible, he wants to know every single step that his girl takes.

4. He Does Not Care If The Girl Is Already Somebody Else's
A boy who is in love will never care much if his beloved is already somebody else's. He will be able to differentiate between to love and to own. Even though his beloved does not give positive feedback to his confession, he will continue to love and care about her. He will wait for her.

5. He Wants To Make You As His ASAP!
Making you his means he wants to marry you as soon as possible! One thing about a boy, he will never be ready to lose his beloved person. He will always live in worries that his beloved would be snatched by somebody else. That is why, he will not hesitate to live with you under one roof! :D

So, have you found a boy with all the characteristics? He does? With whom? Find out quick! The girl is probably you! :D


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