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5 Things Not To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

5 Things Not To Talk About With Your Girlfriend | In general, boyfriends should never talk about physical appearance with their girlfriends. Physical appearance is a very sensitive thing and girls will never be at ease knowing that their boyfriends want her to appear differently. 

Even after her boyfriend asks her to wear baju kurung instead of jeans and tshirts, it is really disturbing. Even though you don't mean it negatively, your girlfriend will think completely the opposite. Even though you just want her to look better in your eyes, not that they are actually ugly, she will not think as you do. Trust me as I am a girl and I know how girls think.

Have you listened to the song Rude by Magic?

1. Her weight

Her weight is the last thing that you wanna talk to your girlfriend. Even when her weight is a little bit more than other girls especially the one they feel threatened with, she will feel so bad as if it is the end of the world. 

She will not think that you will accept her as she is but rather, she will keep worrying that you will go to a skinnier girl. Never ask your girlfriend her body weight as her weight will never be 'light' enough. 

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I am overweight. I know.- Sincerely, Girls.

2. Her skin colour

As a girl, she is quite obsessed of having flawless facial skin, which others own and she thinks she doesn't. When a girl does not have the skin colour they've been wanting, even though what they have is the most perfect for her, it hurts her so much. 

For example, Asian girls are dying to have fair, flawless skin but what we usually have is a darker skin tone. It is actually the best colour we could ever have as we need darker skin for our skin protection under the hot sun, but nothing is enough for us. We always demand for more. Forgive us.

Read this love poem- Dear Sweet Stranger. It is just sooo cute! :D

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Lighter skin only after editing. Sad. :'(

3. Her body figure

Not only her body weight, her body figure is also something that you should avoid talking about with your girlfriend. Perhaps, girls are so much influenced by skinny supermodels but she tends to forget that it is their job to take care of their physical appearance, which is not hers. 

Not everyone has the same job as the supermodels I guess. Actually, I have this one girl friend who I think really has a voluptuous body, but is still not satisfied with her body figure. You don't have to crack your head thinking of the reasons because I myself as a girl don't know the answer. Kih3

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Not at all a supermodel's body figure but someone will love me as I am. It is 'you'.

4. Her height

Another obsession of a girl is her height. Influenced by beautiful, skinny, tall supermodels and actresses shown on television, girls tend to dream of having tall lanky body which they hardly get, especially for Asian girls, like me. It will be worse when you are so tall and she feels so timid when standing beside you. So, just accept her as she is and lower your head guys. ;)

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Mujagirl is shorter than her younger sister. Is that a problem? :'(

5. Other girls' perfection

The last but not least, DON'T talk about other girls' perfection forever! Don't even let it slip through your lips. Even when you really have the words on your tongue, make them stumble to pieces before getting out of your mouth! Or else, you are actually digging your own tomb and your relationship will be at the tip of a gun!

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She is more beautiful than me!!! :'(
As I am saying all these things, it is not that you cannot work on some things that you want from your girlfriend. I know that some things are better for them as no human is perfect in this world. It is just that, you might want to adjust here and there on how you want to convey your messages. 

Remember the Sandwich theory? It might be useful for you when dealing with your girlfriends. Think of how to win your girl's heart! :D

After all, you know your girlfriend the best. No one should ever understand her more than you do. Understand her and you will know how to handle her. It is not easy and it will never be, but do not give up because the result is worth struggling for. 

Her love for you will be the most precious thing and I am sure she is willing to do anything and everything for you. You just have to find the right 'key' to her heart.

I wish you good luck! :D


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