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Cabin Crew Preparation Programme- Lets Fly Up In The Sky!

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Cabin Crew Preparation Programme- Lets Fly Up In The Sky | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. This entry will be a very focused blog post as I am going to tell you how to become one of the Cabin Crew. Like Dania in Awan Dania, remember? You who have been dreaming to become a stewardess in the blue sky, a ground staff at the airports and travel agency, PLEASE! Read this. This is maybe your once in a lifetime chance! :D

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Cabin Crew Preparation Programme For Those Dreaming To Fly!

Learning Objectives in Cabin Crew Preparation Programme

  • To provide knowledge and skills necessary.
  • To provide  participants with the theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills.
  • To help  and assist you to prepare for a job interview as an airline cabin crew member.
  • To give exposure  for mock airline assessment/interview and share  feedback.
  • To provide exposures about Cabin crew lifestyle, living and numeration package.

 Course Moduls Used During Crew Preparation Programme

  •  Introduction in Airlines Industry
  •  Customer Service Skills
  •  Grooming and Personal Image
  •  Introduction to Aircraft and Aviation Familiarisation
  •  Roles and Responsibilities
  •  Product Knowledge
  •  Food & Beverage Service
  •  Basic First Aid
  •  Safety Emergency Procedure
  •  How to write a good CV
  •  Interviewing Technique Skills
  •  Interviewing Mock up

Who Should Attend Cabin Crew Preparation Programme   

  • Who want to be part in rewarding and successful career.
  • Who want to change a path career into HIGHLY PAID up to RM10,000 a month or more (inclusive allowance).
  • Who want to see their full potential and achieve their personal goals.
  • Who want to know about Cabin crew job responsibilities.
  • Who is young, dynamic, passionate and friendly.
  • Who want to see the world and love traveling.
  • Who want to pursue dreams in Airlines industry.
  • Who  believe in  "Learning Never Ends ". 

Lets Enroll To Our Successful Programme Now!

Cabin Crew Preparation Programme
New Intake: February 2015
Direct Message: Muja's Facebook Profile
Whatsaap: 01126947035
Email: mujagirl92[at]

*participants are encouraged to wear hijab during the course

It is for sure a great programme for all women on earth. Hijabis can join. Working women can participate just to get exposure. Those on holiday can better use the free time. Not only for those wanting to become an air stewardess. What are you waiting for? Rush for it now! 

Contact me for the first step in achieving your most wanted dream to achieve! :D

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