Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Funny Facts About My Cats


Since ages, I have been dreaming to have a cat as a pet but my mom does not allow me until one day, a stray cat popped up in front of our house. Now, she has a daughter too. Of course there are reasons to have a cat in my house not including its cuteness really catches my eyes.

The major reason for me to pet a cat is because cat is Prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW's favorite animal and he had a cat at his house named Muezza. He loved the cat so much that he was willing to cut on of his robe sleeves so that he would not disturb it sleeping.

My mother cat is a cat with one eye and I think the other eye has a sight problem. Perhaps, irresponsible person plucked the eye out or she had a fight with other cats. I dont know but I really love my cats because they are so funny. Why?

1. My Cats Love To Sleep So Much!

Yeah, who won't right. Especially during this time. It is always raining here in Malaysia. Hours and hours are spent to sleep. The little one especially. Not long after I cuddle it up, it will fall asleep. It is not that they have hibernation period but even human beings love to sleep in a cold weather, what more animals. :D

funny facts about cats

2. My Cats Are Clean Freaks!

I tried to put them outside of my house. I thought that they would be playing in the dirt and at the soil around my house and yet they just be on the floor in front of the opening. They just did not move from clean floor. Perhaps they are just Clean Freaks! :D

funny facts about my cats

3. They Are Fighters!

I just love to see them 'fighting' with each other. At first, I thought that the mother was being mean to the little one but now I understand their ways of communicating and showing their love. They always play hide and seek. Now, even the daughter would start to tease the mother. Too cute and adorable!

4. My Cats Are So Much Scared Of Water!

I dont know why but my cats are just afraid of water. I read somewhere cats are scared of water because wet surfaces spread bacteria. See? Cats are so clean conscious. Me and my sister have very hard time bathing them. They look weird after bath but I love their smell.

5. My Cats Are So Hug-gable

I always force the small one to sleep with me, but when I woke up, it would be gone. I love to hug them. They are so hug-gable. I love to play with their smooth fur. Their fur doesn't come out. Healthy eating habit helps for them. They are so perfect in my eyes!

I really love my cats so much. They are my friends even they mess my room. I really hope that my mother will never get rid of them like what had happened to my previous cats. Now, they are no longer here with me. I really miss them. I miss them so much I shed tears. :'(


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