Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Best Presents For Your Spouse

The Best Presents For Your Spouse | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. It is not that I want to quit writing but it seems like writers have to have a break. Chill ^^

Today, I feel like suggesting the best presents for your spouse. It would be okay for both man or woman. I know that all of us will face that one moment when we just do not know what to give to our beloved person so I really hope this article will help you decide.

The criteria of the presents should be
  • Special that it reminds both of you to the awesome relationship you both are having
  • Meaningful that your beloved person will take a very good care of the present
  • Long lasting as that present will be kept as a remembrance for a very long time
  • Strong enough and not fragile that it will not break or damage so easily
1. A picture of The Two of You In A Frame

As for me, I really love pictures because a pictures will always be different from another picture. A picture can tell us a lot. One thing about pictures, it will never change even when the people in them have changed. Pictures will remain and keep the memorable happenings in life. Make it big and frame it and decorate it beautifully. It will be perfect!

2. A Shared Diary Of Both Of You

One thing about presents, we want them to be appreciated and remembered for a long time. In that case, having a shared diary is the best way to preserve all the memories. In that diary, you can write whatever things that are related to both of you. Your dates, anniversaries, pictures, love quotes, promises, sweet stuff, candy wrappers. It will be a precious present!

3. Couple Tshirt Would Be Awesome!

Cute right? I really love couple t-shirt. It is very sweet watching couples holding hands, wearing similar tshirt. I love seeing them so much happy being with one another. It really shows that love is in the air. Real couples will never be afraid to show how much they are in love. In fact, they will be so much proud to tell the world that their beloved person is theirs.

4. Couple Ring Is Just Fantastic!
Rings have been a distinct proof of a serious relationship since ages. We have rings during our proposal, engagement day, wedding day and anniversary. See how rings play a very nice present for our beloved person. Nowadays, we have couple rings to show that we are in a relationship and we do not want ours to be snatched away. Nice idea.

5. Video On Your Love Story

I have always seen married couple making pre-wedding videos to be displayed during the wedding ceremony. Usually, they will have a bunch of pictures that will some sort rewind all the memories in the relationship. It will show the sweet moment, the bitter hardships, laughs, tears, sad incidents and all the moments that make all the relationship.

A present does not need to be expensive, but it should be valuable and priceless in its own way. The best present would be something that does not seem special but become special because a special person gives it to us.


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