Friday, 27 December 2013

The Person I am Most Grateful In Life

The Person I Am Most Grateful In Life | Inspiration is the precious thing that the person I am most grateful in life gives me. The person inspires me a lot in many ways. The way she thinks, the way she dresses up, the way she treats people, everything about her inspires me to become a better person. A person near to what she is.

The person I am most grateful in life is my sister. Actually she is my younger sister. Her name is Sumayah, studying medicine in Egypt. Nice name right? I always combine our names together to become a phrase; Sumayah, the great Mujahidah. How does it sound? Better right? :)

This is Sumayah. Isn't she beautiful? Love her so much.

Why is she the person I am most grateful in life?

She is the person I am most grateful in life because she is my first best friend in my whole life since she is only one year younger than me. She is the person I spent most of my time with. Arguing, eating, playing. She was there when I was a nobody. She is like my eldest sister. She takes care of us all. She loves cats too. Hehe.

Lovely Siblings.

She Changed Me

We are Muslim but I was once a rebellious girl. I did not want to cover my hair as I did not think it is a necessary, but she helped me understand its importance. I wear scarf now because of her as she is the one who made me realize that we are precious Muslim girls. We need to take care and preserve our beauty only to those who deserve. Thank you so much sister.

She Loves A Good Appearance

Unlike me, she is very good in her appearance. I am more to i-dont-care type. She likes to be and feel beautiful. If there is a sale or discounts on stuff she likes, she will buy it even though the price is still quite expensive. I am more stingy than her BUT I like to see her beautiful in her own way.


I really want to give something special for her and an electronic gadget will be nice as she has been using her old hand phone for almost 3 years. Thank you to Digi for launching Digizens Thank You Sale. This is the time for a change. I really think so.

This Year End Sale is really my chance to give something for her. I really hope I will get a new smartphone for her. If not smartphone, a tablet will be nice for her to use in her study. I have a friend studying medicine using an iPAD in her study. It will be useful and nice to replace her old phone.

Thank you Digi for giving me this opportunity, this chance for me to show that I really love her. My first sister will always be my beloved one. Really hope for this to happen. :D


  1. Goodluck kak muja :D

  2. Hey... your sister sounds very inspiring! Wishing you and your sister all the best!.... Here is a link to my article on the person I am most grateful for if you would be interested to check it out! =)


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