Wednesday, 1 January 2014

How Shopping Can Be Some Kind Of Therapy For Girls

Hye readers. Do I have readers? Ahaks! Long time no see you here. Actually, I am now developing my feminine side so that people will treat me in a more feminine way. Yeah, people usually treat me in a more masculine way which I dont really prefer.

So, I go shopping. People say that girls like to go shopping so much, which I do not really like, but I gave it a try. At first, it was tiring. Yes, very tiring for a beginner shopper. As time goes on, I feel that I can do this shopping thing and I now realize why girls love to buy a lot of stuff. 

It is because shopping can be some kind of therapy for us!

We Can Be What We Actually Are In Life

be yourself, shopping is a therapy, shopping for girls

Most of the time, girls are forced to be polite and graceful. It is not that we want to go against what society wants us to be but we really need some time for us to be what we actually are. So, shopping time is the time. We can choose what we love, we can give opinions on things, we can talk to our friends, and the most important thing is, we can be ourselves!

Makes Us Forget Our Tension and All The Pressure

tension, pressure in life, shopping for girls, shopping is a therapy

As time goes on, girls's responsibility is rising from day to day. We do not only cook in the kitchen, but we also work in the office. Our duty is divided into many including as a daughter, wife, and others. Everything causes pressure and shopping is the time we spend to forget our tension and release the pressure for a short period of time, in hope that we will all be refreshed after that.

Be Happy With What We See and Buy

if you want to be happy, be happy, shopping for girls, shopping is a therapy, shopping is good for health

Girls just love to see beautiful things and they are so much inclined to own them. So, they buy things. As they walk along the shops, they will be so free and relieved to have some time for themselves. Shopping time is the time girls spend to pleasure their eyes. Girls smile to beautiful colorful things and as a normal person, we love things that create smiles on our face. 

Walking Is Good For Health As It Moves Our Body

shopping is a therapy, shopping for girls, walking is good for health, walking during shopping

People always say they eat when they are stressed out, but it is never good to overeat as fat will start to accumulate in our body. We never want that! Beautiful women go shopping because they know stressing time is the time to chill while burning our fat. Walking is good for our health and it is a good exercise to form a beautiful body line. It seems like a small thing, but the effect is amazing!

Time To Spend Quality Time With Beloved People

quality time, shopping for girls, shopping is a therapy, shopping is a quality time

With life spent at home and work, living for other people, we can see how loving a girl is. Girls love with all their heart when they love and they would love to spend some quality time with their beloved people. In that case, girls like to use their shopping time to spend time with their beloved people. After shopping is the time that they eat together and have a chat.

See how shopping time is very useful and beneficial for girls? See why boys should tolerate girls' shopping time? See why girls should have the opportunity to express themselves by having shopping time? See why shopping time is important for girls? 

So guys. Don't ever downgrade your girls just because they love to go shopping. Don't spoil their leisure time with excuses to not spend time with them once a while. Remember, they want to have you by their side because they love you. Have shopping time with your girl and they will really appreciate you! :D


  1. I love to go shopping when i have a lot of money in my pocket. If not, just window shopping and bought cheap thingy. XD


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