Saturday, 18 January 2014

5 Things A Girl Never Tolerates

5 Things A Girl Never Tolerates | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh and good evening to all. When I am writing, it is actually on what I am feeling at that particular time and now I feel like telling the whole world who seems to not really know things that a girl never tolerates.

I really pity guys who think that they have tried all sorts of thing to win his girl, not realizing that he actually hurts her in many ways.

5 Things A girl Never Tolerates.

When She Is Cheated

things a girl never tolerates

Nobody will be happy when they are cheated, especially about the existence of the third person. It is worse when the cheater is her beloved partner. Girls are very sensitive especially with their beloved person. When cheated, a girl's heart will be broken but they will forgive and give that cheater a second chance. Never hope for the third chance because a third chance rarely appears.

When She Is Ignored

things a girl never tolerates

Naturally, a girl loves to be pampered and she will feel pampered when her beloved person takes really good care of her, especially on her feelings. An SMS at night will be okay. A message with sweet words is fine. They will really appreciate any kind of treatment from her special one. A girl will never tolerate being ignored. That is why she will do things to get the attention she wants.

When She Is Humiliated

things a girl never tolerates

Humiliation is totally a NO for a girl. I can say that a girl is a type of human with a very low confidence inborn. She gains confidence from positive happenings in her surroundings. Humiliation really hurts her as she really strives a lot to be as confident as she is, but a little humiliation will bring her to the start again. Humiliations ruin a girl. She will find it hard to cope with them.

When She Is Downgraded

things a girl never tolerates

Downgrading a girl is a very disgusting thing. Telling her that she is uglier than another girl is too much for a girl to handle. Highlighting on her lacking in appearance will cause tears on her cheeks. Saying that she is not capable of doing anything, breaks her heart to pieces. However, a girl is a person that will do whatever she could to prove those people downgrading her that they are wrong.

When She Is Forced

things a girl never tolerates

Forcing a girl will never benefit you. It is like pouring water into a leaked pale. It will be of no use. When a girl is forced to do something they do not want, they will not do it wholeheartedly and you do not want your job to be ruined by a girl. It is the same when she is forced to accept somebody in life. Only strong determination, helped by a miracle can make her accept him in her life.


For each thing, it does not take big thing to happen. Small things will affect a girl in no time. When you tell her you are asleep but she knows you are awaken, she will feel cheated. When you do not reply her SMS after work time, she will feel ignored. Avoid hurting her then it will be fine.

Guys, if you truly want a girl to accept you and to feel your love, do take care of her feelings. Touch her heart not her body. A girl does not want much. She just wants true love and attention from her beloved person. Show it to her and she is totally yours.


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