Monday, 13 January 2014

5 Things A Girl Wants From Her Boy


I have been in few relationships and as I go along, I finally realize that we girls do not actually want what we say we want. We say we want a handsome boy but we fall in love to a not really handsome boy and it is normal. Yeah, I admit that girls can be very hard to understand. We are complicated and snobbish as you may say but please, bear with us.

Actually, if you really know us, you will finally know what we actually want in life. It is not money we want the most even we really are grateful to have a rich boyfriend. It is not luxury we want the most even though we are more than happy to accept anything given sincerely to us. I do not think it is wrong to accept presents given with love.

However, there are 5 things a girl wants from a boy. What a girl really wants from her boy.

LOVE is what a girl wants from her boy

Love, what a girl wants from her boy, relationship

Everything that matters for a girl is true love from his beloved boy. Once we get the love we want, we for sure will get everything. Money, luxury will come after that as a boy that loves a girl will do anything to make his girl happy just to see her smiling because of him.

LOYALTY is what a girl wants from her boy

loyalty, love, sunset, sunrise, what a girl wants, from her boy

Loyalty and faithfulness is just a must! Even though a girl is showered with money and gold, she will not be happy knowing her beloved boy, out there playing around with some other girls. Can you see how suffering we are once betrayed? No one wants a betrayal to happen in his life.


honesty is the best policy, honesty, things a girl wants from her boy, what a girl wants

Honesty is always the best policy. Be honest to your girl and you will find your relationship is the most beautiful relationship exist in this world. Be honest no matter what happens, even though it may put an end to your relationship. It is better than leaving your girl being lied throughout her life.

SECURITY is what a girl wants from her boy

secure, security, things a girl wants from her boy, relationship, love
One thing about a girl, we always face a lot of situations when we feel we do not deserve and we are not worth taken care of. I do not know why but a girl's confidence level really depends on how her boy sees her. If her boy sees her as beautiful, that she will feel that way and vice versa.

HAPPINESS is what a girl wants from her boy

happiness, love, relationship, things a girl wants from her boy

Nobody wants to live in a misery and girls are included. Plus, a girl's happiness relies a lot on how her boy treats her. Believe me, even she has to sacrifice her own life, a girl will do it without hesitation when she is in love as she knows her happiness is with her boy to treasure.

Boys, please, understand us then you will definitely find that we are not that difficult to be understood. Spend time with your girl then you will find you are just complete having her by your side.


  1. Replies
    1. it is easy to understand girls actually.. but they dont want to sit and think :D

  2. so agreed with u.. this is exactly what I want and already get from my beloved hubby..
    just blogwalking. hope we can be friend :)
    appreciated if u can add me to ur circle. thx

    1. ALHAMDULILLAH.. it is great to know that somebody is happy with her marriage. hope you will always be happy with your family till jannah :D


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