Friday, 3 January 2014

How To Persuade Your Angry Partner

Being in a relationship is never an easy thing to do. There are dramas all the the time out of jealousy, inferiority, low confidence level of the relationship, late for dates, miss, crush, third person and the list goes on and on.

All the problems will subsequently cause anger, and will endanger your relationship. As a good girlfriend, a girl should know how to solve problems in a smart way, should know how to calm an angry boyfriend. A good partner is always who knows how to cool us down and to be the cause of our smiles.

So, how to persuade your angry partner?

how to persuade your angry partner

Persuade Yourself First

When you are having a problem in your relationship, it is logical for the both of you to be angry. Be quick to calm yourself down so that you will think more rationally to solve the problems. You cannot hold strong to your egoism, but never let your partner use your coolness for granted. :D

Do What Your Partner Most Likes You To Do

For married couple ONLY! Maybe your partner will like you to kiss on the forehead or hand. Actually, this small step will have a very big effect in the heart. I can guarantee the anger will decrease up to 80% by doing what your partner likes. They will for sure feel appreciated. Try it!

Give Your Partner A Present

how to persuade your angry partner

No one in this world dislikes a present given by a beloved person. Believe me. Give your partner a present that the anger will melt and go into the drain. It will be better if you give them something that has been your partner's dream to have for ages. They will smile very widely. Believe me!

Bring Your Partner To Your Memorable Place

Along the journey of your relationship, both of you should have places that keep sweet memories of the two of you. For example, the first place you both met, the place of proposal, the place for your honeymoon, or somewhere new that you know will create new great memories. How sweet!

Have A Memory Recalling Time

how to persuade your angry partner

One thing having problems, we actually in a state that we don't remember we had gone through before. The anger hides every important thing. So, remind ourselves on how hard it had been for us to keep the relationship so that we will appreciate what we have and treasure them.

Despite every hurdle and obstacle in your relationship, never give up so easily. It is hard to have a relationship but it is so easy to ruin it. Be careful in deciding everything in life. Make sure you dont regret whatever you do.


  1. Thanks muja for the knowledges. InsyaAllah, I try my best to the best for my beloved one.. hehehehhee


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